Rules between Anna Cardwell and her mother June Shannon (43) aka Mama June peace again? The reality TV stars are said to have a strained relationship with each other. But recently, family cohesion has probably become more important than ever: ann has stage four cancer. Her sister Honey Boo Boo (17) has already campaigned for her on social media. But also June should now support her daughter again!

“June and ann slowly started working on rebuilding their relationship about a year ago, but annas A recent diagnosis of stage four adrenal cancer has quickly brought the two closer together,” a source told TMZ. The 43-year-old takes care of her daughter, takes her to doctor’s appointments and takes care of her children: “June knew right away that she needed to be there for her daughter after being diagnosed and believes the past is just a thing of the past.”

ann is currently undergoing chemotherapy. As a result, her hair gradually falls out. In order to hide the loss, she is currently wearing a wig. She is also exhausted from the treatment and needs a lot of sleep.