Apparently there are some surprises waiting for the DSDS fans! Things are getting serious for the remaining candidates. The first live show is on Saturday. But it’s not just the performances of the top ten that the viewers will follow with interest – the relationship between the jurors Katja Krasavice (26) and Dieter Bohlen (69) will probably also be examined very closely. The two had previously shared publicly against each other. But that could be a little distracting…

How Picture reported, various celebrities and former candidates are said to be there – including the DSDS-Legend Menderes (38) and reality TV celebrities Paulina Ljubas (26) and Luigi Birofio (23). That’s supposed to be dieters to have been an idea. Whether the pop titan about the friction with the rapper Katya want to distract?

Rumors arose weeks ago that the 69-year-old Katya would like to ban completely from the live shows. “Dieter would like to prevent, in the live shows from Katya to be attacked. You can’t cut that out.”, a production employee is said to have unpacked. But without success: the musician will sit at the jury desk on Saturday as planned.