Iris Klein (55) does not seem to be completely honest! Ever since her husband Peter (55) fell in love with Yvonne Woelke (41), there has been an ice age between them. The TV fame has already moved out of the common finca on Mallorca and now lives in her own single shack on the holiday island. But her living situation now raises questions: Belong iris new four walls in truth her daughter Daniela Katzenberger (36)?

That iris found a new place to stay so quickly, which was also stylishly designed in pink and is already fully equipped, gives fans reason to doubt the story of the rental apartment. “You can rent an apartment in Mallorca for a year, it’s usually already partly furnished and you don’t have to do much anymore”explained iris in addition. But that’s probably not entirely true, like Picture reported: The apartment is said to be owned by Iris’ Daughter Daniela be, the purchase contract for the almost 140 square meter apartment was already signed in July 2021. Why holds iris these ownership secrets?

In her circle of acquaintances, the ex-jungle camper is said to have said that she had to pay 2,500 euros a month rent and to pay in advance for a year. According to this information, Iris would have to pay her own daughter around 30,000 euros.