When do Alexander Hindersmann (34) and Laura Papendick (34) want to marry? Last August, the former Bachelorette winner made his love for the presenter public. In the meantime, the two lovebirds are even expecting their first offspring together – their son is expected to be born in a few weeks. But Alex and laura imagine getting married before you give birth?

Via Instagram Alex faces the curious questions of his followers on Friday. Apparently, some of his fans wanted to know if he and his pregnant partner would step in front of the altar before childbirth. “There was no reason for us to do it ‘quickly’ before the little one was born. Everything in its time.”reveals the 34-year-old in his story and adds that he and his loved one have often thought about this topic.

Currently, the thoughts of expectant parents are only about their offspring. reveals during the question and answer session Alexander also that the two already have a name for their son. “I think we have the name. We never got to the point that they both wanted a completely different name. It always went in the same direction.”, the influencer rejoices. However, the two want to keep it to themselves until the birth.

Source: celebtap.com