How does Pat Winds (30) look like further family planning? The former DSDS participant met his wife Schugufa Issar Amerchel in 2016. Five years later they said yes. Only a few weeks after the wedding, they announced good news again: their first son Romeo Aurelius saw the light of day. But do they want more children? celebrity flash has asked!

In the celebrity flash-Interview as part of the picture race day, the singer explained: “I would love to have three or four more children.” However, he does not know whether his wife would like to have as many children. “But she said: ‘Okay, one more thing,'” he says happily patient. He also had a small wish before his son was born, as the musician reports: “I really wanted to have a girl and now our first child has become a boy.”

Before the next offspring comes, however, there is a small change in the life of the young family. “We’ll be moving in July. We’re currently living in the middle of Munich, we want it to be a bit more rural.”chats patient across from celebrity flash out of.