Does endometriosis accompany Anna Adamyan (26) during pregnancy? The influencer is looking forward to her first child: it will be a boy! For a long time she fought for her desire to have children, as she had difficult conditions due to her endometriosis. In addition to severe abdominal pain, sufferers are also less able to conceive a baby. But does Anna also notice something of the disease during pregnancy?

In your InstagramThe former Germany’s next top model candidate presented herself as a story Instagram questions from her fans and admitted that she still has to deal with complaints. “That’s why I talk to my gynecologist and midwife a lot because the pain is like my endometriosis. […] Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about this. There are also old scars, adhesions and the like everywhere and the little one is kicking around diligently,” explained Anna.

Because of her long ordeal, the 26-year-old also has to struggle with blatant fears. But she fights against it as best she can: “What often helps me: I try to save myself with rational sentences and with the facts that are there. A wonderful boy who moves where I feel footsteps. All organs are fine, his heart is beating strongly,” she said in her story.