Julian Zietlows Fans are shocked again. The former fitness influencer has caused a commotion on the web in the past few days with strange posts from Thailand. According to his own statements, he became a member of a sect. The fans can hardly believe their eyes and are stunned by what happened to their former idol. Well do Julian a hint: is he doing hard drugs?

Up to a picture Instagramwhich shows the webstar in bed while his girlfriend sleeps next to him, he writes: “You’re my drug – except EMMA… just kidding… not!” In the scene, EMMA refers to a substance that consists of MDMA, among other things. Gives Julian does this mean that he publicly admits his drug use?

The fans are shocked by the post – and worried about Julian. “Anyone who consumes EMMA often feels particularly emotionally connected to their fellow human beings. That explains a lot,” says one soberingly. A follower just wonders: “Boy, what’s the matter with you?”

Source: celebtap.com