Peter Klein (56) and Yvonne Woelke (41) apparently have big plans for the future! Since yourself peters His wife Iris (55) separated from him because he was having an affair Yvonne is said to have started, things are going haywire between the three. Although they continue to vehemently deny it, the painter and the actress are said to have been together for a long time – after all, they were Peter already confessed, totally in love with Yvonne to be. And because of this love, he should now even want to go under the knife!

How Picture wants to have found out, he opened up to his estranged wife in an argument. “What does she actually want from you, you can’t even make her a child!” Iris is said to have written to her husband – whereupon he explained to her that he was because of his sterilization Yvonne want to undo! The 41-year-old desperately wants a child and was already familiar with it Peter justified in Australia: “I have an unfulfilled desire to have children, so I have the advice of Peter sought. Peter is very experienced there, has two children of his own and three adopted children, grandchildren.” Out of love, Peter but apparently imagine expanding his family after all…

But not only from joint offspring, also from marriage Peter and Yvonne have been talked about for a long time. As soon as Iris’s divorce is over, TV fame should immediately want to step in front of the altar with his new flame and have already communicated that clearly to her. However, the ex-couple’s divorce has not yet been filed – each is waiting for the other to take the first step for cost reasons.