Thorsten Legat (54) doesn’t seem to have anything against his son Nico’s TV kissing! The 24-year-old and his girlfriend Sarah are currently testing their loyalty to Temptation Island. Contrary to his claims, Nico is already stepping on the gas and flirts with the single women as much as he can. Recently, even an advertising clip went viral, of Nico kissing a stranger with the seductress Siria shows – Thorsten seems to support his son’s behavior!

On his Instagramaccount, the 54-year-old shared footage of the scam – and reacted differently than many “Temptation Island” viewers would have suspected: “Where love falls.” So seems Thorsten not having anything against the other woman at Nico’s side: “Very pretty, this woman,” writes the TV celebrity in another story on the social media platform. What will Sarah say about the behavior of the father-son duo?

Across from celebrity flash the bank clerk has already made it clear how disappointed she is with her boyfriend’s behavior: “Especially after the alcohol flowed, all boundaries, decency and respect towards me were forgotten. […] To me, Nico’s behavior is embarrassing and very immature.”