Donna Dixon Married Life With Husband Dan Aykroyd: All You Need To Know

Donna Dixon Married Life With Husband Dan Aykroyd: All You Need To Know

Donna Dixon is one of the veteran entertainers who, before retiring, blessed a whole host of fans with her undeniable talents. She was popularly known as a former beauty queen, model, and actress, whose forays into show business all began during her student days. As a student, she began auditioning for beauty contests, where she was given the chance to represent the District of Columbia and entered the Miss USA beauty pageant in 1976. After that, she appeared in a variety of films, including Twilight Zone: The Movie, Doctor Detroit, Spies Like Us, and others. Read on for more facts about her.

Who Is Donna Dixon

Donna Dixon was born on July 20, 1957, in Alexandria, Virginia. Although her mother’s identity is not yet clear, her father’s name is Earl Dixon, and he used to own Hillbilly Heaven, a nightclub in U.S. 1.

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As for her education, Donna Dixon graduated from Groveton High School in 1975. She then received admission to George Washington University. However, she never completed her college education, as she dropped out of college to pursue a career in show business. The reason for this step was that she started modeling while still in college, which led her to audition for beauty contests. Dixon quickly won the Miss Virginia USA title in 1976 and the Miss Washington D.C. World title in 1977.

Donna Dixon Married Life With Husband Dan Aykroyd: All You Need To Know
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After achieving the coveted status of Beauty Queen, she used her newfound fame to gain a foothold as an actress in Hollywood, and soon she was seen in many films in the early 1990s. One of her earliest films was shot alongside veteran Hollywood actor Tom Hanks in the film called Bosom Buddies, in which she played the role of Sonny Lumet.

Married Life With Husband Dan Aykroyd

Donna Dixon is a happily married woman. She entered into the covenant with her husband Daniel Edward Aykroyd on April 9, 1983. Daniel is a Canadian-American filmmaker, actor, comedian, and musician who was born in Ottawa, Canada on July 1, 1952. His mother, Lorraine Hélène, was a secretary, while his father, Samuel Cuthbert Peter Hugh Aykroyd, was a civil engineer who once served as political advisor to former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

He was also born with the syndactyly called a condition, in his case with floating toes. This condition was made public in the short film Don’t Look Back In Anger, titled Don’t Look Back In Anger in Saturday Night Live, and in the film Mondo Video by Mr. Mike. Due to the fact that he grew up in a Catholic family, he wanted to become a priest until he was 17 years old when his focus shifted to show business.

Donna Dixon Married Life With Husband Dan Aykroyd: All You Need To Know
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Before he met Donna, he was formerly engaged to the popular actress Carrie Fisher, but their engagement did not end in marriage. However, Donna Dixon and Daniel started their relationship after they met on the set of the movie “Doctor Detroit”. After being together for a year, they made it official and have been married for over 34 years, and are still together. Over the years, the couple supported each other’s careers so much that they appeared together in several films. Among the films they starred in together are Twilight Zone: The Movie 1983, Spies Like Us 1985, and The Couch Trip 1988.

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Donna Dixon and Aykroyd are blessed with three wonderful daughters. Interestingly, it took a full six years for their very first child to arrive. Her name is Danielle Alexandra Aykroyd and she was born on November 18, 1989. The second child of the couple named Belle Kingston Aykroyd was born on June 9, 1993, and the third daughter, Stella Irene Aykroyd, was born on April 5, 1988.

Donna Dixon retired from professional acting in 1997. She and her husband, Aykroyd, both own a house in Loughborough Lake, Sydenham, as Aykroyd wishes to maintain a permanent link with his home country.

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