Lola Weippert (27) didn’t do herself any favors with this. The presenter visited the famous Coachella festival last weekend. She then draws a critical conclusion online. Above all, she seems bothered by the fact that the famous visitors to the event are more concerned with their self-expression than actually having fun. Your fans are surprised: you find that Lola itself was no better.

This is mentioned in the comments under the Promiflash post Instagram quickly clear. For the users is in Lola’s Criticism a clear double standard. “She herself was the epitome of self-expression at the festival,” writes one user and another says: “Double standards at its finest. She has three dresses made to her design, but then says something…” Obviously, the 27-year-old didn’t reach the community with her criticism as she intended. Some users think they should first consider whether they themselves are “part of the problem” before making such statements.

Actually had Lola on their Instagram-Profile several posts shared with impressions of the festival. Accompanied by apparently professional photographers, she presented her three very elaborate and revealing outfits. Every day she opted for glittering bikinis in different colors and with lots of accessories. Among other things, she had combined a cape, silver-colored cowboy boots and a sun crown as jewelry.