Is Drew Barrymore (48) giving up her job? The actress shot to fame as a little girl in the film “ET – The Extra-Terrestrial”. Being a child star weighed heavily on the ’50 First Dates’ actress’ shoulders, sending her into a deep depression that she eventually emerged from. The brunette has been moderating her own talk show since 2020, where she regularly impresses with her humor and empathy. Now want drew give up your moderation job!

In a opposite Variety published statement, the talk show host announced: “I have listened to the writers and to truly respect them, in solidarity with the strike I will no longer be live hosting the MTV Movie & TV Awards.” She also agrees that writers deserve a higher minimum wage and that more people should be hired. “Everything we celebrate and appreciate about film and television came from their work,” exclaimed drew in the world’s memory.

“I will wait until a solution is found, but I will watch from home and hope others will follow me”, explained the “Charlie’s Angels” star. She hopes to be there again next year. She actually stands behind the product that MTV created. drew can still be seen on the show as the posts have already been recorded.