Was it more than just a technical error? The first DSDS live show of the 20th season ran on TV on Saturday evening. Right at the beginning there was an unpleasant situation: when juror Katja Krasavice (26) entered the sound, the sound failed: she was the only one who had to run down the stairs without music and strut to the desk… While with Dieter Bohlen (69), Pietro Lombardi ( 30) and Leony everything worked without any problems. For Katya the case is clear: It wasn’t a glitch – it was intentional!

In your Instagram-Story, the rapper now commented on the sound dropout: “I don’t care what the RTL management tells me in the background – that it was a technical error or not. The sound still worked for the other three jurors . I know very well that yesterday someone deliberately tried to harm me.” Then laid Katya after: “You can make out my sound, but I’ll tell you again: You wouldn’t have heard the song through the screaming of my fans anyway! You couldn’t censor the voice of the new generation with your manipulations!”

But why should RTL Katyas Want to sabotage your gig? The “Boss Bitch” interpreter has made a powerful stunk against the head of the jury Bohlen in the past few weeks after this candidate Jill Lange (22) had put it down. The 26-year-old even released several diss tracks against him. Many fans had therefore asked themselves whether Katya is still allowed to take part in the live shows. Whether this number was probably the consequence?

Source: celebtap.com