It’s done and Germany has a new superstar! The grand finale of DSDS flickered across the screens on Saturday evening. Lorento Berisha, Kiyan Sepehr Yousefbeik, Monika Gajek and Sem Eisinger were allowed to show their talent for the last time on the big stage and sing in front of a TV audience of millions. Then the time had finally come: The winner of 2023 has been chosen – and it is sem!

After more than four hours of broadcasting and numerous performances, the moment of the final decision had come. The rankings were announced one after the other by moderator Laura Wontorra (34) – fourth place went to Kiyan. Then ended up in third place Lorent. Then it got serious: sem and Monica feared together for victory. But in the end it was allowed sem beaming with joy to accept the trophy!

For sem is now not only a career as a musician – but also the first tour! Together with chief judge Dieter Bohlen (69), he can travel through Germany and perform on the country’s big stages. What do you say about the winner? Vote below!