It was a tough time for her! The first year of marriage between Duchess Meghan (41) and Prince Harry (38) was not easy for the former actress. In 2018 the couple married in a big ceremony, in 2019 their first child Prince Archie (3) was born. In the same year, Harry and Meghan went abroad to Africa, where they were filmed for a documentary. In a conversation, the Duchess was unusually honest and close to tears. The crew knew Meghan’s revelation would make waves!

Former editor Chris Shaw, who worked on Meghan and Harry’s first documentary Harry and Meghan: An African Journey, is now looking at the Mirror-Interview back to the time around the shoot. “From the conversation Meghan had with Tom Brandy, we knew right away that we had something big on our hands. It was completely unexpected and shocking. We were stunned.”, he recalls. Meghan described her first year as a member of the royal family as tough and challenging.

Chris goes on to say in the interview that he feels sorry for the couple: “They are at the center of the storm in this drama. I don’t think that was their intention.” But he also clearly recognizes the contradiction in the Sussexes between the desire for privacy and the willingness to talk about their lives.