Dylan Sprouse (30) worked hard for his latest role! Since today “Beautiful Disaster” has been in cinemas, in which the Disney star plays the boxer Travis, who lives with the student Abby (Virginia Gardner, 27) hooks up. Some tough boxing matches can also be seen in the film – apparently no stunt doubles were hired for this. How dylan in the exclusive celebrity flashinterview reveals that he stood in the boxing ring himself for all scenes!

“Actually, all the scenes were shot by me, but I trained with stunt people”explains the 30-year-old in an interview with celebrity flash. He worked on his boxing skills with professionals for around two hours a day to prepare for the shoot. Some of his fellow boxers even star in the romantic comedy: “The first two boxing matches […] I was with two stunt guys that I trained with all the time and they were great.” A good friendship developed through the intensive training with the stunt specialists.

Not just had to do the stunts dylan getting ready – to excel as a boxer, he also worked on his physique for two hours a day. “It was quite a workload,” he says celebrity flash. But it was worth it: “I’m glad I did it because I’ve incorporated a lot of that training into my own exercise regime at home.”

Source: celebtap.com