Sally Özcan (34) can explain it. Sally is actually a full-time web video producer who publishes content on the topic of baking and cooking under the YouTube name “Sally’s World”. This year, however, the web celebrity dared to enter the Let’s Dance dance floor as a contestant. In the show, she finished tenth with Massimo Sinató (42). Now Sally betrayed to celebrity flashwhich was particularly difficult for her on the show!

“It’s an enormous amount of pressure that you feel here – above all, I don’t come from the sports sector”Sally explained in the celebrity flash-Interview after the big “Let’s Dance” finale. She couldn’t get rid of the great pressure until the very end, which is why the other candidates overtook her in terms of performance. “I didn’t want to do anything wrong, I wanted to do everything right. Then it wasn’t so easy to let yourself go when you’re more used to being in the background and maybe you don’t have that confidence in yourself – then it’s quite nice and heavy,” admitted the 34-year-old openly.

But Sally has no negative feelings when she thinks back to her “Let’s Dance” time. The mother learned a lot for her own life from participating in the show. “That I can and should always believe in myself and that you just do what your heart beats for. It also made me a little more self-confident.”Sally knows.