Kathrin Menzinger (34) would have liked to have stayed longer. In the 16th season of Let’s Dance, the professional dancer competed with Abdelkarim (41). And the comedian demanded a real piece of work from her, because he wasn’t the greatest dancer. That’s why the two had to leave the show first. That wasn’t easy for the defending champion to take: Catherine reveals celebrity flashthat she was severely disappointed by the early exit.

“As a professional you always give your best, your heart, your time, no matter who is by your side, who the candidate is. I have that with me Abdelkarim also done, of course the disappointment is great when you get kicked out“, explained Catherine in the celebrity flash-Interview. On Abdelkarim but she still seems proud. He gave everything “for his possibilities”. Since the 34-year-old was able to win with artist René Casselly (26) in 2022, she is now obviously happy for her successors: “I now treat my colleagues with all my heart.”

But his departure from “Let’s Dance” also made it Abdelkarim sad. He meant up Instagramthat he will greatly miss the set of the show: “All the participants, the professionals, the celebrities – there’s really such a great group dynamic, I’ll definitely miss that.” Because he had so much fun, it was particularly difficult for him to say goodbye.

Source: celebtap.com