Pete Davidson (29) and Chase Sui Wonders (27) are enjoying the Easter holidays together! The two actors met while filming the comedy horror film “Bodies, Bodies, Bodies”. The two have been seen on romantic trips for a few months now, but they have not yet confirmed the rumors of love. Pose now pete and chase the first time together on the net – with a very prominent friend!

On Easter Sunday, the couple paid a visit to the US chef icon Martha Stewart (81) at her farm in a suburb of New York. “They have seen our beautiful town of Bedford. I have shown them the courtyard and winter house where the Easter bunnies prepare for Sunday.”writes the 81-year-old under one Instagram-Snapshot on which she is using pete and chase beaming at the camera. The comedian relaxedly put his arm around the moderator’s shoulders while his partner leaned against him on his left side. “A very sweet couple,” enthuses Martha finally.

Do the lovebirds want to take the next step and move in together soon? In her post, the cookbook author said the couple came with Muffin Dowdle, who reports media reports work as a real estate agent in the small town.