Calvin Kleinen (31) was probably easy to crack. The reality star first met Roxy Zinger at Temptation Island. There the two became very close and then they even became a couple. With the VIP version, they also dared to take the loyalty test – and failed. Since then, the two have probably not been on very good terms with each other. And now Roxy shoots hard again Calvin.

In the Pictureinterview, Roxy reflects on her time as a Temptation Island seductress. She mainly remembers her ex Calvin. “As a loyalty tester, I had in Calvin found my perfect victim. He could be gotten with the cheapest means available to us women“She smiles. Hot movements and looks as well as a deep neckline were enough to get to the 31-year-old. According to Roxy, why so many candidates in “Temptation Island” become weak is due to the atmosphere and the lack of contact with the outside world. It’s like going on a school trip with alcohol.

Calvin had railed against his ex’s seductive behavior a few years earlier. He had written his song ” Eine Neue Ex 2 ” for this purpose. Especially the line “[Sie] cries during my lap dance, but treats himself to “spreading his legs” should address Roxy. Opposite celebrity flash the musician explained: “She should take it in a sporty way. Besides, she also gave it a lot.”