Ed Sheeran (32) burst into tears. The British singer-songwriter and his wife Cherry Seaborn (30) have been happily married for almost five years. The couple now have two children together. But even before the birth of her youngest daughter, her happiness in love was overshadowed by a bad diagnosis last year: With Ed’s wife Cherry was diagnosed with cancer during her pregnancy.

How Daily Mail reported, doctors discovered in February last year in the arm of Cherry a tumor. She was already six months pregnant with her second daughter Jupiter. That was a huge shock for everyone. Especially her husband Ed there were tears in my eyes: “I’m not just this music machine, a robot trying to be number one. I’m a father. I’m a son, husband, friend. I was like, ‘I could die’. It was awful.”

Luckily, after the tumor was subjected to a sequencing test, the couple found it was less severe than originally thought, allowing for surgical removal after birth. “It was amazing news. I almost threw up when the surgeon told us we could wait until the end of the pregnancy to remove the tumor.”the 30-year-old explained to the news portal.

Source: celebtap.com