There is a lot going on with Ed Sheeran (32) – and not in a positive way. The Shivers singer’s grandmother passed away on Friday at the age of 98. The Irishman even dedicated a song to her in 2017: “Nancy Mulligan”. In the song, he summarizes his grandmother’s love story with William Sheeran. Currently located Ed amid the “Thinking Out Loud” copyright dispute and is unable to attend Nancy’s funeral as a result.

It is believed that the musician has to watch his grandmother’s funeral online today because he is in New York. That was last reported Mirror. The ongoing trial for the rights to “Thinking Out Loud” began April 24 in federal court in Manhattan and continued in court in New York this week. Ed is accused of having plagiarized harmonic progressions as well as melodic and rhythmic elements of the 1973 hit “Let’s Get It On”.

A few days ago, the singer indicated that he would quit music if he lost the case. “I find it really insulting to spend my whole life as an artist and songwriter and then have someone put it down”he added in a conversation with the court.