He has a special plan! Ed Sheeran (32) plans to release his new album “-” on May 5th. A first single entitled “Eyes Closed” is due out in two days and deals with his pain over the loss of a close friend. So while fans may well be excited for the singer’s upcoming musical project, the singer has plans far into the future: Actually works Ed already working on an album that he wants to release after his death!

In the talk with Rolling Stone the redhead explains that he intends to release exactly five more albums. “The last of the five works I want to do slowly, adding songs here and there so it’s perfect for the rest of my life,” explains Ed. The ‘Shape Of You’ hitmaker continues: “I have written in my will that this last album will be released after my death.”

His fans probably don’t want to think about that just yet. The joy shines on social media about the release of his forthcoming work “-” very large. For example, one user commented: “The album will be so intimate, but at the same time so powerful!” Another comment read: “I already know that I’m going to cry. It’s just going to be a masterpiece!”

Source: celebtap.com