This moved Ekaterina Leonova (35) to tears. At Let’s Dance, the professional dancer is currently competing with the mentalist Timon Krause (28). In the current season, her good friend Mariia Maksina (25) was also there as a professional and trained the handball player Mimi Kraus (39). In the last show it was over for the two. And when her friend left, Ekat even had to cry.

Across from RTL Ekat explains that she is at Marias and Mimi’s “Let’s Dance” exit was overwhelmed by her feelings. “My heart just breaks when I feel they have to go. It’s hard to accept. […] That is very touching,” she says, moved. Although leaving is part of the show, but because the candidates and the dancers are one big family, it still affects them. Ekat probably had an inkling before the final decision was made: “Man kind of suspects that it can affect my siblings.”

For Maria it is the first time that she was allowed to hover over the floor in “Let’s Dance”. Ekat was particularly pleased about this. “I know how much she wanted that, so I’m doubly happy”she had in RTL-Interview raved. And the Russian-born even quit her job for the show. Because before that, Mariia worked in geriatric care for eight years.