Not only on the dance floor says Ekaterina Leonova (36) where to go! For several weeks, the professional dancer and her partner Timon Krause (28) have been thrilling the Let’s Dance viewers. The fact that the two make a good team cannot be overlooked. A few days ago, the rumor mill simmered that the two are together. Eventually, the two separated from their partners. Even away from the scenes, Ekat should have her protégé firmly under control!

Because an insider gave Picture now insights into the relationship of the duo and revealed: “Timon follows what Ekat tells him. She sets the pace.” The mentalist is head over heels in love with the 36-year-old and trusts her completely: “Timon is completely addicted to Ekat, can be easily influenced, and she can’t be alone, just go into the next relationship now.” The source further claimed that she gives him instructions on how to behave towards his ex-girlfriend.

While Timon and Ekat remain silent about the speculation, more and more evidence of a relationship is piling up. For her birthday, the 28-year-old gave her a music box that plays her favorite song “Hallelujah”. He also serenaded Ekat on her special day in the previous episode.