For this girl, the journey ends here! The seventh episode of the casting show Germany’s next top model ran today. At the beginning of the episode, 14 candidates were still fighting for the title – including Lara Rollhaus. Heidi Klum (49) had prominent reinforcements again this week. With the Elevator Boys, the young models should prove themselves in a video shoot. lara could Heidi and the boys didn’t convince and had to leave the show!

“It feels like you really don’t enjoy being in the spotlight”says Heidibefore finally laras competitor Coco Clever sent to the next round. Even when practicing the choreography, the 18-year-old complained that she was “overwhelmed”. In the second part of the challenge, the girls then had to improvise and interact with the guest judges while dancing. That didn’t seem to be her favorite task: “If there’s a surprise where you have to deliver something and have to do a dance, I don’t like it at all.” Heidi After all, she didn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about her performance “She doesn’t do anything,” the model mom had to say several times. Missed the decision walk Elevator Boys her “sparkling eyes” and wanted “more power”.

While most of the girls were blown away by the web stars’ cameo, was Coco not too impressed. “I know her, but I wouldn’t call myself a fan right now”, she admitted. With her honesty she could help Heidi and the Elevator Boys not scoring, but gaining some fans on social media.