Her acting career could have really taken off! Emily Ratajkowski (31) has made a name for herself as a model and author, but she was also successful as an actress for a while. For example, she stood in front of the camera with Ben Affleck (50) for the psychological thriller “Gone Girl – The Perfect Victim” and starred in a few series. The last film she acted in was released in 2019. But why did Emily turn her back on acting?

She no longer wants to put herself in situations where men think they have the upper hand and have the most strength, Emily explains in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. This was also a reason why she stopped acting. “I didn’t feel like an artist who could express herself here. I felt like a piece of meat being criticized by people. A lot of people said, ‘Does anything besides her breasts speak for her?'”she explains her decision further.

Keeping herself small for the influential men of Hollywood was finally too much for her at the beginning of 2020. Emily fired her acting agent, her sales representative, and her manager: “I didn’t trust them! I told them, ‘I can make my own decisions. None of you have my interests in mind. You hate women.'”

Source: celebtap.com