She is honest! A few weeks ago, pictures appeared that amazed the fans of Harry Styles (29) and Emily Ratajkowski (31). The snapshots show the singer and model snogging in front of a car in Tokyo. So far, the two have been reluctant to comment on the smooch, but that’s probably changing now: Emily expresses itself indirectly to Turtelei Harry!

In the talk with Vogue Spain says the runway queen: “It’s so bizarre when you have certain experiences and then the whole world knows about it and comments on everything.” The 31-year-old is currently in a dating phase for the first time in a long time and it feels strange for her. That would come for Emily but not surprising and for the brunette it was “only a short phase” in her life anyway.

Regarding rumors that the runway beauty is from Harry’s Ex Olivia Wilde (39) was confronted, she explains: “That’s just everything as it is, it’s just an unfortunate topic.” It seems like it will Emily generally hold back with exact statements about their flirt, because Harry’s Fans are probably not good to talk to them anyway. A follower of the singer recently said: “Harry deserves better, you’re just through.”