Emily Vakos Biography, Family, Facts About Anthony Rizzo’s Wife
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Anthony Rizzo became the happiest man in the world in June 2017 when the woman of his dreams, Emily Vakos, accepted to spend the rest of her life with him. Although Vakos has always loved to keep a low profile, questions about her both in real life and online began to circulate after the pictures of her application became known.

Keeping up with the fame and limelight has not been easy for Anthony Rizzo’s wife, as the media is always looking for opportunities to capture her pose and get to know her better. But since Emily is an amazing soul, she seems to have managed to find a balance and deal with the challenges that fame brings. We have gathered all the details about her biography, her family, and other facts. You can find them below.

Emily Vakos – Biography

As already indicated, Emily Vakos is a woman who has no natural feeling for the camera and the media. She keeps everything about herself to herself, but to the frustration of the media. Nevertheless, we have reliably informed that she is the daughter of Mark Vakos and Stephaine Sudwischer and that she was born on January 9, 1994, in the city of Dallas.

Emily Vakos – Biography, Family, Facts About Anthony Rizzo’s Wife
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Anthony Rizzo’s wife studied nutrition and food management at Arizona State University from 2012 to 2016, more precisely at the institution’s College of Health Solution. While still in Arizona, she worked as an intern in the Scottsdale Unified School District in 2015. During this time, she also launched her food blogging website, The Food-1-1.

Although the site has been temporarily inactive since 2014, she used to present Vakos College projects, ideas for health studies, and healthy recipes. Prior to her fame, Emily also worked as a salesperson at the Mal Malouf boutique for some time before she left her job.

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According to her LinkedIn profile, the athlete’s wife currently works as a real estate agent for a Chicago-based company called @Properties. Apart from this information, nothing else is known about her career as a real estate agent.


Anthony and Emily reportedly crossed paths when the latter served as a nutrition intern for the Chicago Cubs baseball team in 2016. The baseball player finally asked the question in a boat on Lake Michigan on June 1, 2017, and Vakos in turn said “yes” to the proposal.

Anthony later shared the good news about his Instagram account, and it was well-received by his fans and friends, who congratulated him on the news. After their engagement, the two performed publicly as a couple several times, including at the Grammys Awards.

Emily Vakos and her sweetheart finally took the bold step of making the bond in December 2018, and the event was well attended by her colleagues, friends, and family. At the time of submitting this report, the couple has not yet given birth to their own child/child, and it is not known whether the real estate agent is pregnant or not.

Emily Vakos – Biography, Family, Facts About Anthony Rizzo’s Wife
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Anthony Rizzo is a professional baseball player wearing the number 44 jersey of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. A three-time all-star, he is the first baseman to hit left and throw left. He was born in Parkland, Florida on August 8, 1989, the son of Laurie Rizzo and John Rizzo, and joined the Cubs from the San Diego Padres in 2012.

The 1.91-meter tall athlete was one of those who, since 1908, played an influential role in the Cubs’ first win in the World Series in 2016. To date, Rizzo has had an impressive MLB career and he credits his wife for being an important inspiration and support for his flourishing career.

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Other Facts About Anthony Rizzo’s Wife

1. Emily Vakos is very supportive of her husband’s career in the baseball league. She also loves to travel around with him. Together they have made several international trips. Among the places they have visited are Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

2. Like her husband, Vakos is super active on various social media platforms. On her Instagram account as well as on Twitter she has a large fan community. Emily has more than 685.000 and 621.000 followers on Instagram and Twitter.

3. Information about the size and body measurements of Vakos is not publicly available. However, we know from her pictures that she is of average height and weight.

4. While her husband’s net worth is estimated at $5 million, the report on Emily’s net worth and annual salary has not yet been published.