After six years, everything should be over with Taylor Swift (33) and actor Joe Alwyn (32). A few days ago, an insider claimed that the couple amicably split several weeks ago. Taylor is regularly on stage for her “The Eras Tour” and also performs songs that she wrote with her supposed ex. Is that why Taylor cried at one of her concerts now?

Many clips are circulating from Taylor’s tour tik tok, where her fans cheer the singer. In a video, however, some fans noted that it appears Taylor cried at her piano during her performance of “Champagne Problems.” Her followers immediately suspect in the comments that the singer’s emotional state stems from their possible split: “If they really broke up, that makes the video even sadder,” another noted, “Joe wrote the song with her, so maybe that’s why she’s so emotional about the song?”

The singer confirmed in her Disney + special “Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions” that Joe and Taylor worked together on their albums “Folklore” and “Evermore” during the first pandemic lockdown: “I wish our two co-writers would be here. […] William Bowery is obviously Joe. […] Then he suddenly played the Bon Iver part of “Exile” and I asked him if we wanted to write together.”