This call made Easter very special for Ana Johnson (29)! The YouTuber had a long time together with her husband Tim tried to get offspring – but that didn’t work out naturally. But after the sixth embryo transfer, the great news finally came: Ana is actually pregnant! The influencer found out on the phone that a child was growing in her abdomen!

Via Instagram had Ana not only shared a photo of her positive pregnancy test, but also an emotional video. It shows the blogger taking a call from her doctor. “I have good news. You are pregnant”she announced Ana and Tim. The two could hardly believe their luck and happily hugged each other. Above all, the mother-to-be let her feelings run free – emotionally she burst into tears.

Had just a few days ago Ana tells her fans that she is having her sixth embryo transfer done. In this regard, the 26-year-old was hopeful on the net: “We’re optimistic-realistic. We’ve been through a lot and know that a transfer only leads to a pregnancy with great luck and with even greater luck it stays.”