Hailey Bieber (26) shares an emotional throwback. Last year, Justin Bieber’s (29) wife gave her fans a powerful fright. The model had been hospitalized for a blood clot that caused a stroke. The doctors then determined that a hole in the heart was to blame. That’s why the beauty had to undergo an operation that was successful. It’s been a year now!

Via Instagram thought Hailey now back to this day with emotional words. “This time last year I underwent surgery to plug a hole in my heart”, writes the 26-year-old to a photo that shows her in the hospital bed after her heart surgery. She is so happy and grateful that the cause was found quickly back then. “I’m so thankful for my amazing doctors,” Alec Baldwin’s (65) niece continued.

Health is okay Hailey but apparently better now. Nevertheless, she had to take a lot of hate in the past few months. Evil tongues had claimed that she had blasphemed about Selena Gomez (30). She even received death threats as a result.

Source: celebtap.com