Anna Maria Damm (27) floats in baby happiness! The influencer and her fiancé Julian Gutjahr (26) recently had children again: their second daughter Kaia saw the light of day at the end of April. The new life of the family of four is currently leveling off and they are enjoying the first few days with their newest member. About three weeks after her caesarean section ann now her birth experiences with her fans!

Like the 27-year-old in her current one YouTubevideo explains that she felt a tugging in her stomach eight days before the planned date of birth – the first contractions. After some examinations and because of the increasing contractions, the caesarean section was then brought forward. Anna reports on the most emotional moment for her and her husband in the operating room: “When we heard the scream, I was really relieved […]. Juli and I both cried too. But we also cried at Eliana back then.”

“That feeling when you hear your child crying for the very first time and you see them and you hold them [….]. I don’t think there is a better feeling“She explains very emotionally and has to hold back a few tears. But not everything went great. The ex-GNTM candidate had more pain during her second caesarean section: “The next day I thought I was going to die. It’s been so painful.”