We’ve known for a long time that a prequel series of Andy Muschietti’s “IT” movies is in the works. But it was not yet clear whether the project would really get there and who would take over the direction. Now we know more!


Ready to go! Rumors circulated about a year ago that Hollywood was working on another installment in director Andy Muschietti’s “IT” franchise in the form of a series. The prehistory of the two films from 2017 and 2019 needs to be told, now it’s time! How Variety reported, Warner Bros. television the project”Welcome to Derry” was given the green light and production can now really start.

Pussyetti will produce the series with his sister Barbara – as he did with his two “ES” movies. With Jason Fuchs (“Wonder Woman”) and Brad Caleb Kane (“Aladdin”), two showrunners have already been found and signed. The highlight of the latest developments is clearly the fact that Andy Muschietti will also direct some episodes – including the pilot episode!

This is what “Welcome To Derry” could look like

The title “Welcome To Derry” naturally refers to the town of Derry invented by Steven King, in which some of his novels and short stories are set – especially, of course, “IT” from 1986. We don’t know much about the plot of the prequel series up to now. In fact, the new story takes place before Andy Muschietti’s two “IT” movies, in other words, in the 1960s. The films then tie into the events of “Welcome To Derry”.

King (via Deadline) greeted the news with the phrase “Red balloons everywhere,” while also stating that he knew the “most haunted city in America” ​​was in good hands with the Muschiettis. Andy and Barbara Muschietti explained that as children they loved King’s work and couldn’t wait to learn more about IT on TV. They promise “heart, humor, humanity and horror”.

It is not yet known when “Welcome To Derry” will be ready. We don’t expect the series to launch until late 2023 at the earliest. Since it is being produced for HBO Max, chances are it will end up on RTL+ in Germany.