Evanthia Benetatou (31) speaks plain language. At Kampf der Realitystars, it seemed as if TV awareness got along really well with Paul Janke (41). It all looked like a flirt. There was even a little date from the production. But some seemed to think the 31-year-old was too offensive. Now she speaks up and explains: For Eva, the flirtation was mutual.

In your Instagram-Story explains to Eva that they both deliberately held back on the date on the show. Nevertheless, many viewers apparently believed that the former Bachelor participant threw herself at him. But Eva strictly denied: “I didn’t feel convulsive Paul rangemacht, nor did I curry favor. I’m not that woman, I’m just not that person.” She and the blond boy just got along well and the flirt was mutual.

Eva also emphasizes that she is disappointed that no statement has been made by Paul in addition. However, the 41-year-old at least explained why the native Greek was not his type. “She puts herself above the people […] that has little style for me”he found “Battle of the Reality Stars – The Hour After the Hour of Truth”. Before that, he actually found her sympathetic.

Source: celebtap.com