The competition at Prominent Separate is getting fiercer! On the show, the ex-couples have to compete against the other teams together – the candidates sometimes have to face extremely strenuous challenges. But a couple was already thrown out: Jenefer Riili and Matthias Höhn (27) had to leave the villa first. To avoid the same fate with a Challenge win, Juliano Fernandez may have gone overboard a bit.

Together with his ex-girlfriend Sandra Janina (23), the muscle man took the exam. Apparently, the blonde didn’t do well enough – at least in Juliano’s opinion. That’s why the reality TV star couldn’t get out of the rabble and yelled at his team partner non-stop. “I don’t understand why you are so rude and so stupid”he got upset.

Apparently, the sharp tone also seems to have been a problem in the relationship between the two influencers. “It’s just like us in the relationship when we talk to each other like that”Juliano later stated in an interview.