Everything You Need To Know About Ettore Ewen, A.K.A Big E (WWE Wrestler)

Everything You Need To Know About Ettore Ewen, A.K.A Big E (WWE Wrestler)

Ettore Ewen, a.k.a. Big E is one of the most popular names that have made the activities of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) attractive indeed. Just as his solitary SmackDown appearances are almost always not uninteresting, his fights alongside other members of The New Day team (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston) are a real treat that fascinates his viewers. Big E’s big ending and running splash finishing moves are always expected.

Among WWE fans and beyond the wrestling community it is well known that Big E is an excellent wrestler. However, many don’t know that he is a former American footballer, and it is also not common knowledge that the man was once a powerlifter. With this in mind, we bring you the things you should know about the WWE wrestler.

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Ettore Ewen Background Details

It was on the first day of March 1986 when this professional wrestler was welcomed into the world by Eltore and Margaret Ewen, his parents, who are supposedly immigrants of Afro-Caribbean origin.

Everything You Need To Know About Ettore Ewen, A.K.A Big E (WWE Wrestler)
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The birthplace of Big E was in the United States of America, more precisely in Tampa, Florida. It was here that he received his high school education. As a student at Wharton High School, Ettore Ettore distinguished himself through athletic activities that earned him a handful of prestigious awards. Among other things, he was fantastic at wrestling and football; it was only natural that he was crowned Hillsborough County Ironman.

When he finished Wharton High, he transferred to the University of Iowa, where he focused more on football. Big E played as a defensive lineman for the Institution’s team (Iowa Hawkeyes) until he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. After that, he was somehow convinced that he would do well as a powerlifting athlete, and this was the beginning of his powerlifting career.

Ettore Ewen Career Accomplishment 

Ettore Ewen’s efforts in powerlifting paid off in 2010 when he participated in the U.S. Open Championships, where he improved national records and set new ones in the state of Florida. The following year, Big E triumphed at the USAPL Raw Nationals. He won the competition and broke more records.

Before his successes in powerlifting, Ettore signed a contract with the WWE. In 2009, he participated in the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) activities; he wrestled as Big E Langston, defeating such renowned wrestlers as Antonio Cesaro. When FCW became the NXT, he continued his winning streak and kept the fans excited with The Shield. He made a lot out of his show and it was only natural that he rose to the top of the main list. Big E debuted as the villain who picked on John Cena; together with AJ Lee, he made quite interesting drama possible with Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn.

His greatest achievement in this profession so far is Stall The New Day. Through the partnership with Kingston and Wood, which began sometime in July 2014, the trio has been the longest WWE Raw Tag Team Champion. This extended from 2015 to 2017, eventually losing the championship to Cesaro and Sheamus and moving on to SmackDown, where they made winning against The Usos a priority.

Everything You Need To Know About Ettore Ewen, A.K.A Big E (WWE Wrestler)
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Net Worth – How Rich Is He?

Although several figures have been given as the total value of the man’s wealth, none of them can be authenticated. The value of his wealth is best known to him. Nevertheless, his income does not only come from wrestling. Ettore Ewen is also an actor and has been involved in a handful of television works.

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Height and Body Measurements

Wrestling requires a strong physical structure, complemented by good size and weight. Big E is, as the name suggests, one of the most imposing and intimidating wrestlers. His chest, waist, and biceps are thought to measure 50, 36, and 22 inches respectively; his height is estimated at 180 cm (5 ft 11 in) and his weight at 129 kg (285 lb).

Wife or Girlfriend, Is Ettore Ewen Married? 

If there is something unknown about this WWE star, it is his love life. While it is widely believed that he has never been married, to the best of our knowledge Big E is not dating anyone and has never been romantically involved with any partner, except when it has been claimed that he secretly admires Kaitlyn (Celeste Beryl Bonin). This was sometime between 2012 and 2013.

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