Everything You Need To Know About Ireland Baldwin – The American Model

Everything You Need To Know About Ireland Baldwin – The American Model

The prevailing opinion in popular culture is that if you are born with a silver spoon, you are likely to lead a reckless life taking advantage of your parents’ success. Ireland Baldwin has done his best to swim against the tide and build his own brand.

Born on October 23, 1995, the daughter of Hollywood veterans Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, the American model and actress naturally attracted attention at an early age. It was not long before she was signed to a talent management company, IMG Models, in 2013, at the age of 17.

Since then, Ireland has walked the catwalk for many fashion shows and has been photographed for A-magazines such as Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, and Elle. She has also appeared in several movies, television films, and shows such as Access Hollywood, Good Morning America, The Great Illusion, and Grudge Match. In the film Grudge Match, she worked alongside her mother and played a younger version of Kim’s character, Sally.

Everything You Need To Know About Ireland Baldwin – The American Model
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Here are a few things you need to know about the model.

1. Ireland Baldwin Comes from an Acting and Modeling Dynasty

The career of her parents stretches over a period of more than 80 years in total, with an upward trend. Her father Alec appeared in films such as Forever Lulu, The Doctors, and Love on the Run in the early years of his career. Since then, the actor has become one of the best actors in Hollywood with his extensive engagements in movies and television series such as The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, 30 Rock, It’s Complicated, and The Boss Baby. Since 2007 Alec has also been part of the iconic Saturday Night Live Show and is best known for his humorous character imitations of celebrities, especially Donald Trump.

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Kim Basinger has appeared in films such as Charlie’s Angels, Hard Day, and Mother Lode since the 1970s. In 1983 she appeared alongside Sean Connery as Bond Girl Domino Petacchi in the 1983 Bond film Never Say Never Again.

Ireland’s parents met in 1990 when they played the characters of two lovers in The Marrying Man. Their incipient romance soon led to reality, and three years later, on August 3, 1993, they got married. Ireland Baldwin is the only child from their marriage. They divorced in 2002.

On the paternal side of the family tree, Ireland has three uncles who are also actors: Stephen, William, and Daniel. From these uncles, she has inherited a number of cousins, including two other famous models, Hailey Baldwin and Alaina Baldwin.

2. She Followed in Her Mother’s Modeling Footsteps

Before Kim Basinger became one of Hollywood’s most famous actresses, she had a career as a model. Kim spent five years as a cover girl in the early 70’s before she decided to pursue an acting career. Kim appeared in a nude photoshoot for PlayBoy in 1981 and in 1994 in an anti-fur advertising campaign for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

So far, Ireland seems to be keeping up with her mother’s career, although after Kim’s modeling career, she has done more than her acting career. Like her mother, Kim is an advocate for the humane treatment of animals, especially dogs. In her effort to promote this agenda, she posed, like her mother twenty-four years earlier, in her birthday suit for PETA in their 2018 I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur advertising campaign.

Ireland, like her mother, was shy in her early years and was usually teased for her size. When she started her modeling career, she stood well over six feet tall and was criticized online by body shamers who said she was “too tall to model”. She also suffered from eating disorders as a result of the negative attention she received because of her height.

3. Ireland Baldwin has Well Over 20 Tattoos

This is perhaps the most distinctive aspect of the physical appearance of the model. Ireland has added more and more tattoos in recent years and now boasts over twenty prints, mostly on her left arm.

Some of them include a tribute to the late David Bowie with a portrait of the singer on his left shoulder, which is essentially a sketch of his Aladdin Sane album cover. She also received a huge beautiful print of a Mandara – a spiritual symbol of the universe in Hinduism – directly under her tattoo of David Bowie. On her left forearm, she has a tattoo of a skeleton with an inscription underneath which reads: “Evil to the bone”.

Some of her smaller tattoos contain the word “Baldwin” on the side of her right middle finger. Her cousin Hailey also has the same tattoo. She also has the inscription: “Try a little tenderness” colored on her left rib. Behind her left ear, there is the picture of a scorpion, a nod to her zodiac sign. And on her neck, she has colored the word “truth”.

4. Her Father Left her a Voicemail that went Viral for the Wrong Reasons

Everything You Need To Know About Ireland Baldwin – The American Model
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In 2007, when Ireland Baldwin was 11 years old, she received a voicemail from her father which has since reached a level of infamy due to its content. In the voicemail, Alec was known to call her a “thoughtless little piggy”. The message soon made it onto the internet and brought recognition to young Ireland for the wrong reason.

For a long time, this led to a break in their relationship with her father, but in the meantime, the couple has reconciled and are now closer together than ever. She even has the word “squirrel” tattooed on her wrist, which for her is her father’s pet name.

In fact, in 2017, during the special comedy television show One Night Only, which was broadcast on Spike TV, Ireland fried his father in a good mood, calling him an “old ham” and reminding the audience of the voicemail from a decade ago.

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5. Ireland Baldwin is Gender Fluid

That’s a fancy way of saying that she is bisexual. Because of her support for people with alternative sexual orientations, she has been heralded as a role model for the LGBT community.

Irish dating history has included people of both sexes. One of her first relationships was with the photographer Slater Trout. The couple attended several public events together before separating. The model then began a relationship with the female rapper Angel Haze, but the relationship lasted only one year when they separated in 2014.

Their next relationship was with Noah Schweizer, who is a professional surfer. She even has a tattoo on her left arm celebrating her love for Noah.

Her father has a strictly traditional view of relationships. He even once stated in an interview that he would rather go to bed with a woman he despised than sleep with someone of the same sex. It took him a while to come to terms with Ireland’s sexual orientation, but eventually, he did and often expressed his support for her.

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