Patrick Romer (27) is not aware of any guilt. His ex-girlfriend Antonia Hemmer (23) can currently be seen in Kampf der Realitystars and of course unpacks the relationship in the first episode. The farmer did not treat his Bauer sucht Frau-chosen one well, was a narcissist and even threatened to end her career before they separated. Why she dished out against him like that, can Patrick don’t understand at all!

“I’ve always supported her. I think it’s stupid that she has to step in. But everyone is who they are.”he put in “The Hour After the Hour of Truth” clear after the first episode of the show. But of course it could Patrick He also insisted on shooting at his ex. “Antonia is just not made for reality TV, she can’t open up there, so I don’t think there will be that much, my forecast,” he told Aaron Troschke (33) and Bella Lesnik.

Still can Patrick not only say bad things about the relationship with Antonia. “I miss the time we had, but life goes on”, he made clear. However, his ex sees things differently on the show. “I’m really enjoying my single life right now, I’m not missing anything,” the former lady-in-waiting had enthused.