The Rosen colleagues stick together! After the emotional finale of this year’s bachelor season, a surprising twist was revealed in the reunion show: David Jackson is no longer with his chosen one Angelina Utzeri, but ultimately chose second-placed Lisa Mieschke. For his decision, he now receives prominent support from ex-bachelor Andrej Mangold (36). This one finds: In the end, all that matters is that two people have found each other!

On the official Instagram-Page commented by The Bachelor Andreihow he assesses the situation. He protects the people concerned: “No matter how this comes across, nobody can understand the situation, except for the people who were in the situation. The format also brings these opportunities with it and everyone knows that, regardless of whether they are participants or spectators.” As a former protagonist of the dating show, he can clearly understand the emotional chaos of those involved.

What matters most to the basketball player is the fact that it ultimately had a happy ending: “The nice thing is that two people found each other and decided for each other, even if it was a detour.” Andrei In any case, shows solidarity with his bachelor colleagues and wishes the couple all the best!