Max Adrio (33) wants to get fitter again! Only with the Bachelorette and then also with Bachelor in Paradise did the tattooed Stuttgarter make a top figure. It was no coincidence: as his social media profiles show, the dome show star has always done a lot of sport. But has he let himself go a little lately? Max has gained a few pounds that he’s dying to shed as summer approaches!

The influencer has now announced that Instagram at. published there Max a snapshot of his bare chest and wrote: “Starting today I’ll be tracking my calories and will make sure I’m always in a calorie deficit. Let’s see how long it takes for my life preserver to go away…” Finally, he asked his followers how much time it will take to get a flat stomach again. The average answer was around three months – will he make it there?

Either way, his fans celebrate him for the honest post: “It’s nice to see a real belly here on Instagram! Brother, you don’t even need to do a lot of sport,” a follower assured him. Another pointed out: “Thanks for that! I need to work on my lifebelt too…”