Shocking news for Tiffany Knight. In December last year, the former Miss Universe met her lover Leonard van der Mond in the gym. Only a short time later, the muscle man asked for the hand of the bodybuilder. Soon she wanted to step in front of the altar with her loved one. But now bad news has been announced: Tiffany’s fiance Leonard found dead in his car!

How Picture reported, the 25-year-old disappeared on March 9. He couldn’t be found for several hours – then came the sad certainty. Leonard was found lifeless in his car on Lake Constance. What exactly happened is not yet known. However, the family is currently having examinations and an autopsy carried out to find out how the sports professional died.

The shock is with tiffany deep – the two had many future plans. Had just a few days ago tiffany excitedly spoke to the magazine about her upcoming wedding plans. Leonard also wanted to become self-employed: he wanted to sell pancakes in the USA.