He had to cope with various baskets! Dominik Brcic is currently causing a stir at Ex on the Beach. The Croatian was particularly negative in the current episode when he attacked Carina and Chiara (26) with the same scam: he wanted to eat them both up. However, that was discovered fairly quickly – his attempts to justify himself failed. Claimed now Dominikthat he had no serious intentions with Chiara anyway!

“I respect Chiara very much, she is a very funny and loyal person,” explains the Viennese celebrity flash. “However, I’m not intending to ‘Ex on the Beach‘ gone to get to know someone on a serious level”might Dominik clear. His plan was to provide entertainment and a little fuss.

In the course of the episode, however, things looked different: the former Are You The One? participant was visibly annoyed that Chiara was sitting on Kimi’s lap. “Actually, it didn’t bother me at all, I just wanted to provoke a little, I felt like it”asserts Dominik across from celebrity flash now.

Source: celebtap.com