Who is Dancing Star 2023? The grand finale of this year’s Let’s Dance season made for a glamorous evening. The duos danced a total of three dances tonight: the jury dance, the favorite dance and a freestyle! Both Anna Ermakova (23), Philipp Boy (35) and Julia Beautx (24) had to convince the jury and the audience with their performances. This year’s winner is now: Anna Ermakova danced the trophy from “Let’s Dance”!

After the three dances of the couples, the jury’s ratings were first displayed: ann and Valentin Lusin (36) took first place, closely followed by Julia and Zsolt Sandor Cseke (35) – Philip and Patricija Ionel (28) were in third place. But in the end, only the opinion of the spectators who had called all evening for their favorites counted. Finally creamed ann and valentine most votes and thus won “Let’s Dance” 2023! The red-haired model can hardly believe her luck and is crying and cheering at the same time! Then finally an improvised dance of joy with valentine and the cup listed.

Before the show, they agreed celebrity flash-Readers diligently who should be Dancing Star: There was quite a tie! 44.5 percent expect a win from ann and valentine hoped. 43.7 percent had chosen the title Julia and Zsolt desired. Philip and Patricija were slightly behind on the list of favorites with 11.8 percent. In the end, the former gymnast actually achieved third place.

Source: celebtap.com