Can shepherd Heinrich save his farm? In 2008, the 56-year-old became known throughout Germany through the program Bauer sucht Frau. At that time he was looking for love on TV – unfortunately without success. Through the show, however, he was able to boost his career and take off as a pop star on Mallorca. His livelihood was thus secured. But now the financial concept of Shepherd Henry to falter.

“I have existential fears”the farmer admitted in an interview with RTL. Inflation seems to be having an impact on him too. “Feed has become expensive, fuel costs have risen and income from music has also fallen,” he listed the reasons for his financial distress. However, he is not giving up and is currently living off his savings. Life without his farm is unthinkable for Heinrich. “It would be extremely painful for me if I had to give away the sheep,” he admitted sadly.

But the TV star also has good news: In the meantime, he is probably getting to know a new woman. “She is 30 years old, comes from Leipzig and has been to the farm a few times. She would like to visit me again at Easter.”reveals Heinrich and emphasizes that it is not “yet” a relationship.