She prepares! Last November, Anna Maria Damm (26) shared happy news with her fans: The influencer and her partner Julian Gutjahr (26) are expecting their second child. The couple already have a baby daughter named Eliana. Preparations are in full swing for the birth of her second daughter, who is due to be born soon: Anna Maria reveals what she packs in her hospital bag!

in one Instagram video the soon-to-be mom of two shares the checklist for her hospital stay for the upcoming birth with her followers. “I packed a lot less this time than the first time”, she writes about her recording. The 26-year-old packs separate bags, each with a different motto: baby, mom, hygiene and the documents needed for the birth. Finally, full of anticipation, she has her trolley ready – nothing stands in the way of the delivery in April!

Wrote in November 2022 ann Maria proud of hers Instagram profile: “Our family is growing.” In addition, she published a snapshot on which she is together with her loved one Julian and her daughter Eliana poses – and already presents her baby bump. “We still can’t realize it,” she added.