Gülcan Kamps (40) speaks honestly about her extra kilos. On her social media account, the former Viva moderator repeatedly gives her community insights into her life. The beauty is currently doing with her husband Sebastian and the joint offspring holiday on Mallorca. A few days ago she reported that she had gained three kilos in just a few days. Well betrayed Gulcanthat this is particularly noticeable in her buttocks and her bust size.

In your Instagramstory, the 40-year-old shared a snapshot of herself from vacation. Underneath began Gulcan then again to speak unabashedly about her weight: She described that she didn’t care about the extra kilos, but that her outfits would tweak in some places. The mom continued that many subscribers had written to her that her weight gain would not look at all. “The reason is a bit unusual, but now the truth. Until the extra kilos are distributed to the rest of my body, I always increase in bust size and the most valuable thing.”she confessed.

Of the extra kilos can be Gulcan but don’t spoil the mood – she assured her a few days ago. “Always stay positive, dear ones – no matter what the scale says,” she appealed to her fans before finally joking: “I’m already looking forward to breakfast”.

Source: celebtap.com