Priyanka Chopra (40) has been a sought-after actress for years and a welcome guest on the red carpets of the world. Especially at the side of her husband Nick Jonas (30), she had recently made a hammer figure at events. A few days ago, however, the spotlight was solely on her: Priyanka beamed with the flashbulbs of the photographers – and in a breathtaking dress!

“Citadel”, the new series by the 40-year-olds, premiered in London on Tuesday. For this special occasion, the Hollywood beauty threw herself into a glamorous robe. The red dress especially showed off Priyanka’s curves. In addition to the photographers – who literally clamored for a photo of the actress – husband Nick was also very taken with the look. He even published one on his TikTok channel clipwho paid tribute to his wife’s red dress.

In “Citadel” Priyanka won’t be quite so glamorous. How primevideo teased in a trailer, the beauty plays a secret agent whose memory has been wiped. In addition to a lot of action, fans can also look forward to Mystery and Game of Thrones hottie Richard Madden (36).