Fabio De Pasquale and Mrs.Marlisa have overcome their differences. At Prominent Separate, the reality stars started as an ex-couple. While they actually worked well together in the challenges, they failed in the semifinals and had to leave the show. But the two were apparently able to take an important lesson from the show: Fabio and betray Marlisa celebrity flashthat they became good friends thanks to “Prominent Separated”.

“Fabio and I failed as a couple but grew together as friends. […] We were able to speak out and realized that we wanted to be friends for life“, explains Marlisa in the celebrity flash-Interview. She realized that she and Fabio don’t go together, but he is all the more important to her as a friend. Above all, the good teamwork in the challenges showed her that. And the fitness fan seems to agree with her: “In my opinion, a good friendship is the best asset there can be on a show like this.” It was particularly nice that he could still trust Marlisa.

caused a lot of excitement Fabio and Marlisa when he called her a messie on the show. However, the Italian-born emphasizes that he regrets his allegations: “The only action that I actually regret is the one regarding Marlisa’s cleanliness at home. I think I used the wrong words. Marlisa isn’t always the neatest, but she’s no messie.

Source: celebtap.com