The fans are sure: Something is going on between Paul Janke (41) and Antonia Hemmer (23)! The former bachelor and the former Bauer sucht Frau candidate are currently participants in the show Kampf der Realitystars. Already in the first episode it crackled violently between them. In addition, the two are said to have spent a holiday together in Mallorca after the shooting. celebrity flash asked for your opinion: And you agree!

One celebrity flash-Opinion poll [Stand: 14. April, 16:45 Uhr] came to the conclusion that the two are probably in love. 510 of the 730 participants, i.e. 69.9 percent, thought that was obvious. On the other hand, 30.1 percent of those surveyed were certain that Antonia and Paul are just friends.

The reality TV celebrities also recently claimed that Picture. It remains to be seen whether they just don’t want to reveal their possible secret before the broadcast or whether they are actually not a couple. ‘We met at ‘Battle of the reality stars‘ met. Since then we both get along really well.”they revealed, while emphasizing: “[Wir] but they are not a couple.”